Hans Kedzierki,
President of the Executive Board, Medisch Centrum Alkmaar (hospital):

For the MCA Richard managed to set up a diagnostic centre and outpatient clinic extremely quickly and unconventionally within a year’s time, enabling us to stay a step ahead of our biggest competitor. Richard is capable of winning people over and generating enthusiasm. Moreover, he is a good organizer and does not get stuck in the red tape of internal bureaucracy. His approach is refreshing, avoiding piles of paper and unreadable action plans. The assignment was clear to him and he succeeded at what he set out to do. Our number of clients exceeds our expectations.” (

Raymond Cloosterman, CEO, Rituals:

Due to the strong growth of our organization it’s important to keep a close eye on the way we function ourselves. Richard supported us in that very well. Using the Management Drives technique he examined our management team and decision making process. Richard turned out to be an excellent moderator, facilitating the discussion of even the most sensitive matters thanks to his sense of humour. That makes it a lot easier to discuss things.” (

Nico Eijkelenboom, Managing Director, VBI:

Ten years ago, Richard handled the interim management of one of our factories. In addition, he has been coaching a number of plant and production managers for several years. The main thing he has taught them is to reflect on their own performance. He has improved their control over their emotions, increased their mental resilience and enhanced their management skills significantly. Thanks in part to his contribution, new managers have succeeded at their jobs instead of falling by the wayside early on as a result of various factors.” (

Bart van Kasteren, Manager with a US pharmaceutical company:

I needed a career coach, someone to stand by my side. It’s not easy to find someone like that, as good career coaches are rare. Richard’s CV, however, was clearly head and shoulders above those of other coaches I considered. He looks at you primarily from a business perspective, whereas other coaches will focus on your skills or mental state. Richard possesses a wealth of experience that he communicates very well to people my age (I’m 38). His great strength lies in reducing complex issues to their essentials and helping you to recognize patterns. He is a good listener and excels at picturing the situation. He has successfully increased my self-awareness and brought my career path into sharper focus.