Richard Engelaar (1957)

Richard Engelaar is an authoritative interim line manager. His leadership approach is marked by clarity, directness and respect. Richard contributes to the success of organizations through loyalty, a sense of purpose, optimism and friendship. He is very much a leader in the spirit of Ernest Shackleton.*

Thanks to his ability to put himself in his clients’ position and gain their trust, Richard manages to cut to the heart of the matter quickly. He never shies away from robust dialogue, and without psychologizing he gets down to brass tacks, supports tough decisions and leads organizations to results.

Richard does not have a ‘shopkeeper mentality’, he is never slow to get started on a job and does not hang around afterwards. He gets down to whatever needs improving, teaches the management what questions they should be asking themselves and leaves as soon as these have been answered.

Richard began his career as an ocean-going navigating officer At sea, in the confined space of a ship, values such as directness and clarity are essential to success. Back on shore Richard began applying these insights to the business world, where he was put in charge of large business units even while quite young. For the past 13 years or so, he has been applying these values as an independent interim manager.

*“For a joint scientific and geographical piece of organization, give me Scott; for a Winter Journey, Wilson; for a dash to the Pole and nothing else, Amundsen: and if I am in the devil of a hole and want to get out of it, give me Shackleton every time.”

A British explorer on Ernest Shackleton, leader of the incredible Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1916)

Author: Esther Mollema, Managing Director of Direction, an agency for executive development and coaching (